3 Incredible Benefits of Being a Stay Home Mom

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There are many benefits of being a stay home mom. To many, staying home with your kids seems like an endless and boring job. But it is not. Actually, it’s anything but boring!

Many would have you believe you are just a glorified babysitter. It seems like what you do doesn’t matter, but it does. I promise. 

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Mom holding a daughter. 3 Incredible Benefits of Being a Stay Home Mom

What you do with your kids in these hours, days, and years is huge. You are preparing them for the road ahead. In fact, you are teaching them things they may not get anywhere else but from you.

I just want you to know you are not alone.  

It may feel like you are the only one who had to clean up a runny (snotty, let’s be real) nose this morning, a poopy (runny, yep) diaper, and Cheerios all over the floor. I do remember this stage. The days were really LONG.

Showers were quick and an undisturbed bath was pure luxury. Getting out of the house alone was priceless.

But it was all worth it!

In this post, I am going to give you 3 benefits of being a stay home mom. By the end of this post, you may even be persuaded it is the right decision for you.

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3 Incredible Benefits of Being a Stay Home Mom

1. Being a Stay Home Mom is a Privilege

One of the benefits of being a stay home mom is that it is a privilege many cannot afford. Several of my friends said they wished they had enough money to stay at home because they hated their job. Their heart was at home even though their body was at work. 

One of my friends would cry day after day as she left her child at daycare only to return late in the evening. The worst thing was knowing her child was more bonded to the daycare worked than with her. But she couldn’t change her situation. She was trapped in her job.

Any time I started feeling sorry for myself, I remembered my friend who had to work. It made it easier to forgo the new car, a new dress, or dinner out. Being with my kids was more important than stuff. In fact, it was a privilege.

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2. Staying Home is Important for Bonding and Development

Another benefit of being a stay home mom is that it allows you to bond with your child and encourage early development. Contrary to popular beliefs, many things are happening in those first few years of life. 

Babies know when change happens, they understand loud noises, and they feel all sorts of emotions. They are not mindless blobs cooing and gurgling. In fact, they can feel tension through the mother and know when they are not wanted. They understand quite a bit. 

Science Daily lists all sorts of things that happen when children do not have a loving and stable environment in the formative years.

There is more of a chance for depression, health issues, and behavior issues when they are not bonded to their mother. (I do realize a daycare can be a stable and loving alternative.)

Furthermore, when things go awry with an adult, psychologists always begin with childhood to get a complete diagnosis. These early years are highly impressionable, and we need to realize how important they are.  

Capitalize on this time by reading out loud, rocking, and talking to your baby or young child. This is your chance to bond.

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3. Staying Home is Important for Reinforcing Biblical Values

The third benefit of being a stay home mom is that it allows you to reinforce biblical values daily. I taught my kids things no one else would have time to teach.

I read the Bible to them every day, watched programs that talked about God, and sang songs that reinforced the Bible. Furthermore, I was there to tell them over and over how much I loved them and how much God loved them all day long. 

I also took the time to discipline my kids when they were not acting the way God would want them to act. I was able to take advantage of teachable moments and show them what God says about lying, hitting, etc. This can be done with other caregivers, but it is more meaningful when mom does it.

Proverbs 22:6.  “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

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Embrace the Benefits of Being a Stay Home Mom

Not everyone has the privilege or sanity to be a stay home mom, but if you do-embrace it. Looking back at those years, I relish the times I had with my kids. I have no regrets. 

I have so many great memories. Most of the time… I bonded with my kids in a way no one else ever would. Although I wasn’t always a perfect mom, I loved my kids in a way only a mom would love.   

For those of you who have chosen another source of childcare other than yourself, I am glad that you have come to that decision on what is best for your family.

My comments are simply to encourage the stay home mom because it is not a glamorous job. Often, it means putting a career on hold and adjusting to the feeling of isolation. And lots of bodily fluids. It can be shocking.

I hope you will consider staying at home with your kids.

What are some benefits of being a stay home mom that you do?

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