There are many reasons to be a stay-at-home mom, however, if they are not your reasons, then you will be unhappy at home all day.

As a mom, you need to make the right decision for your family and know what you are getting into before you quit your job.

If you choose to be a stay home mom, the family income may drop significantly in some cases. Conversely, if you go back to work, your child will be raised by someone else.

It is as if you are caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. If you are not sure what to do, then let me help you understand the awesome benefits of a stay-at-home mom.

Before we do this though, let’s look at the job title. What exactly is a stay-at-home mom?

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What Does It Mean To Be a Stay-At-Home Mom (SAHM)?

A stay-at-home mom is someone who chooses to stay at home and raise her children instead of outsourcing childcare. Many times this means giving up a lucrative salary to stay home with the kids.

The modern-day stay-at-home mom may technically be at home but also have a job. In a way, it is the best of both worlds, although it may be overwhelming if there is a demanding boss.

If you choose to stay at home with your kids, you will most likely be responsible for caring for your children while also managing the household.

In fact, it can be a little shocking as your family may need you to be a nurse, cook, chauffeur, nurturer, playmate, counselor, teacher, laundry attendant, maid, spiritual leader, and cook within a 24-hour period.

Many people do not consider a stay-at-home mom as work since there is no paycheck. I can assure you this is far from true.

If you choose to be a stay-at-home mom, you will work harder than you have ever worked before. However, it will also be one of the most rewarding things you have ever done and one of the best reasons to be a stay-at-home mom.

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4 Amazing Reasons To Be a Stay-At-Home Mom

Check out these four incredible reasons to be a stay-at-home mom. Hopefully, this will give you a good idea of what your days will be like with your kids. It is hard work but it is so rewarding.

Most importantly, the biggest benefit of being a stay-at-home mom is the hugs and kisses. Priceless. 

1.  Desire  

One of the main reasons to be a stay-at-home mom is desire.

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I could not in a million years leave my kids to someone else. It was either daycare or me. No one in the family was available to care for my children.

It made my stomach turn to think about leaving my kids with a stranger every day.

No one would love my children as I did. Frankly, I also didn’t know who to trust with my kids since there were so many news reports of neglect and abuse at daycares.

I was bonded with my babies from day one. Frankly, I would have been a mess at work if I even tried. It just wasn’t worth it.

This is something you need to consider before you go back to work.

Can you leave your child? Will you be crying all the time?

2. Job

Your job is another reason to consider when staying home with your kids. The salary I was making was not enough for me to keep working.

You would think a teacher’s salary would cover everything, but it was a toss-up. My husband ran the numbers, and it was maybe a $200 gain every month for me to work.

I don’t think people understand how to run the numbers. You have to include a good car, gas, wardrobe, daycare, eating out more, sickness (kids and me), and taxes. This adds up.

My husband, who is a CPA, has run the numbers for many clients over the years. They can’t believe how much money it’s actually COSTING for the wife to work.

If you are not paid a high salary (more than a teacher), a second income may not be worth it. This is something to consider as one of the reasons to be a stay-at-home mom.

Are you creative when it comes to saving money? Are you willing to live on a tighter budget?

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3. Experiences

As a stay-at-home mom, you will be the first one to experience all the milestones of your kids. This is one of the best reasons to be a stay-at-home mom.

The first time they roll over, crawl, walk, or run, you will be the one to celebrate, not a daycare worker who is taking care of multiple kids.

I’m sure others would celebrate these things, but the first time you miss a milestone, are you going to be heartbroken?

Most of all,  do you want to teach your kids about God all through the day and pray with them?  As a mom, you can help nurture a relationship with God like no one else.

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Do you want to be the person experiencing all the firsts and teaching your kids about God or do you mind letting others do this for you?

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4.  Bonding and Discipline

One of the last reasons to be a stay-at-home mom is bonding and discipline. In order to discipline effectively, there needs to be a strong bond first.

This goes for when a child is young as well as old.

Obedience is easier if the child feels a connection of love first and then the “no.” If a child is at daycare all day, the last thing you want to do when you pick him up is discipline.

Your relationship would be more negative time than positive.

Typically, when a mother gets home from work, she is tired and not willing to put in the extra effort to be consistent anyway. It’s hard to be all things to all people, all the time.

And then there is the guilt for not being there. Parents tend to not only forgo those teachable moments to obey, but they also spoil their children to make up for the lost time away.

Will you miss bonding with your child or too tired to discipline since you haven’t seen her all day? Will you be tempted to spoil your child out of guilt?

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What Is The Best Way to Be a Stay Home Mom?

If you want to be a stay-at-home mom, I suggest you put your kids on a schedule. It is the best thing I ever did.

Babywise is a great book to use when creating a sleep schedule.

As they get older, I suggest a family-friendly schedule that includes time to play, read, clean up, sleep, etc.

If you want to work at home, this is your best chance to get things done during the day. It will help you balance time with your kids and work without them watching a screen all day long.

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4 awesome reasons to be a stay at home mom in text.

Is It Good To Be a Stay-at-Home Mom?

If you are up for the challenge, I think it is fulfilling to be a stay-at-home mom for these four reasons. When you are deciding, ask yourself if you will have regrets in ten years.

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If you answer “yes,” then you know what you need to do.

Make sure your reasons for being a stay-at-home are your convictions. You need to know for sure before you quit your job because some days are hard and can be lonely. I suggest you pray about it before you move forward.

Ask God to show you the way He wants you to spend your time in the next few years. If He calls you to stay home, He will provide and give you the grace to do it.

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Do you want to be a stay-at-home mom? Comment below.

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Julie is a wife, mom, author, and blogger. She writes about Christian family living, marriage, and faith with a touch of humor.


  1. I love how you ran the numbers on how much it actually COSTS to work! I am a stay-at-home mom and love being able to see my children all the time!

    • Adonai, you are so right. I garage-saled, traded out kid’s toys and clothes, coupon clipped, skipped clothes shopping, ate at home, and various other things to make it work. It was the best thing I ever did. I would have much rather been with my kids and had a little less money than drop them off with a stranger every day. But there are some moms who would be absolutely bonkers if they stayed at home. By all means, I hope they get back in the workforce when ready. There is nothing worse than a mom stuck at home angry all the time because she hates being there. Glad you love being with your kids!

  2. Yaa Attobrah Reply

    Valuable insights to help mothers make this important decision.. Unfortunately, not all mothers have this option due to their particular situation. All things being equal though, the best choice would be to be able to stay home with your children. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yaa, yes, staying home is actually a privilege many can not afford to do. I found it a blessing and an honor to stay home with my kids. It was hard but worth it!

  3. I can relate to this 100%! I was also a teacher, and didn’t hesitate to leave when we found out about our first child.

    I knew it was right for me, but I won’t lie and say it was easy! There was a definite adjustment period where I went from being myself and a teacher to focusing on another person as I moved into my role as a mom.

    Here we are now, 14 years later. I’m still at home with our daughters (4 of them!). I’ve been blessed to not miss any milestones, and have homeschooled each of them.

    My advice is: if you feel pulled to stay home, and can make it work, do it!

    • Stephanie, your story is like so many other moms. There is that initial desire to stay home, but once at home, you realize the adjustment isn’t going to be so easy. It is hard to go all day without interacting with other adults and have lots of things going on. Being home is lonely and it is a bit slow until you have multiple kids. Then it gets busy! Thanks for your comment.

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