Are you struggling to have a daily quiet time with God? For me, the struggle began at a young age. As a church kid, I was taught to open my Bible first thing in the morning and then go through a checklist.

Painful, huh?

Where’s the fun in that? Oh, yeah, we’re not supposed to have fun as a Christian. We’re supposed to be stiff, boring, and weird…

Perhaps a daily quiet time is more than a silly checklist that makes you look and feel spiritual.

In fact, I think the checklist method may actually be a bit insulting to the Almighty. While some structure is important for a quiet time, we may have missed the purpose of it.

Think about it this way…When was the last time you brought a checklist to a party, a date, or an outing with a friend? You are one weird friend if you are doing this.

Perhaps we have forgotten how to be in a relationship with God our Father. Personally, I don’t think He wants to be met with a checklist every day. The real reason for a quiet time is to connect and worship Him; it’s to keep us from straying into sin.

In this post, I am going to give you some fresh ideas for a quiet time with God that will keep things exciting. In fact, I hope these ideas revolutionize the way you relate to your Creator and Heavenly Father who actually loves hanging out with you all the time.

What Is Quiet Time With God?

A quiet time with God is just that–it is time with God that quietly focuses on Him. It can include prayer, reading, worshipping, study, contemplation, Bible mapping, journaling, etc.

Sadly, I think we have made it something rigid or even task-oriented when, in fact, it is about a time of communing. Dare I say a love relationship? Not just a boxed time with a list of to-do’s so that we feel and look spiritual.

Who are we kidding anyway? If our behavior isn’t changed after we read our Bible, it’s all a waste of time!

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The Importance of Having a Quiet Time With God

Most Christians agree it is important to have quiet time with God every day. When we spend time with God, it allows us to connect with His heart and be united with what He wants us to do. For me, it is a reminder of how much He loves me.

How and when we do it is another story. This is where church people get tripped up.

The one-size-fits-all method is not good for everyone. If you are dreading daily quiet time with God, you need a change! Remember, it’s about a relationship, not a list.

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How Do You Give Yourself Quiet Time With God?

You may be wondering how to break out of the box and give yourself quiet time with God. Think about your personality. Are you structured or unstructured?

The, uh, not-so-structured, I will refer to as “creatives” like me who would rather eat dessert for dinner. And the structured people are those who are, well…structured. Either way, the point is to pray, worship, and spend time in His Word in some form or fashion. It’s about fellowship.

1. The “creative’s” goal for reading the Bible:

Work towards doing your quiet time earlier in the day rather than later. I am not a morning person, so I have a plan to do it after 9 am.

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If you have a job, try doing it on a break or at lunch. Or split it up between break and lunch. Additionally, you could do it while you drive. Do it at night, if all else fails.

If you are a mom, cramming in a traditional solid 30-minute quiet time is hard when you have kids with you all the time, especially ones who tend to follow you into the bathroom!

The point is to give yourself grace. I used to beat myself up because I couldn’t do it at 6 am. Then I realized God would probably rather talk to me when I am coherent, so later is good for both of us. Ha!

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2. “Structured” people’s goal for reading the Bible:

Set a specific time every day to have a quiet time. Stick to it.

If you are a planner, thrive with a schedule, and write everything down, then just add this to your Outlook, black book, or whatever you structured people do to stay on track.

A quiet time with God isn’t as difficult for disciplined people. My husband is structured and does it every morning, early. And that’s okay.

19 Ideas to Keep Your Quiet Time With God Fresh

These fresh quiet time ideas are a great way to break out of old traditions and change what you are doing as a believer. Check out these 19 tips to get you back on track with God and be excited about your relationship with Him.

Your Bible

1. Get a new Bible

If you don’t understand your Bible then get one you do understand. There are so many versions* other than the King James Version. I read The Book, aka… the Bible for dummies. Just kidding, but I do love it because I don’t have to guess what it means.

2. Get the Bible app YouVersion on your smartphone

YouVersion has about every version possible. Look for one that has an audio version and play it at home, in the car, or wherever. It’s great having the word of God spoken out loud.

*There are Bibles with journal margins, Bibles with verse mapping, tabs, ones with devotions in them, ones with hand-painted pages, and Bibles tailored for moms, husbands, wives, etc. You have a bunch of choices these days.

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1. Books with Prayer prompts

Find a book that will teach you how to pray. My favorite author on prayer is Stormie O’Martian. Priscilla Shirer is another great person to follow.

They both have incredible books and war room strategies for prayer. There are so many prayer/devotionals in the marketplace. Go to a bookstore or buy it online. (I am not an affiliate, although I should be.)

2. Write your prayers and answers down in a journal

I have a journal on my laptop. (Don’t tell anyone.)  It is easy to access. You can also buy a journal at the store and do it the old-fashioned way.

3. Prayer walking

I have had a prayer partner at different times in my life. We would pray out loud together while we walked around the neighborhood.

If you are a mom, you can walk around the neighborhood with a stroller and pray with friends or alone. I know people may think you are weird but try it. It’s really cool.

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4. Use the A.C.T.S. technique

Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication (requests). Spend your quiet time with God doing each one of these for a couple of minutes when you pray.

5. Pray scripture

Find scripture you love and add your name and your family’s names into the verses. It is a very powerful way to pray as your words are aligned with God’s words.

6. Pray in the car

Redeem your time by praying in the car. If you drive alone every day, you have plenty of time to have a quiet time with God.

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free printable scripture cards pdf

Get your FREE PRINTABLE SCRIPTURE CARDS and reinforce what God says about you!

7. Verse mapping

This is a scripture study method. Put a scripture at the top of a page. Research and highlight keywords in color coding, pull out ideas, find context, and write it all down under your main verse.

Look up the history, main characters, and get an overall meaning of what the verse is trying to tell you. Kay Arthur Bible studies do some of this.

8. Homiletics

Another study method is homiletics. It is a way to break down the Bible by summarizing a chapter into about 12-15 sentences after you read it.

Most people try to get an overall subject, theme, and look for natural divisions in the text that may have other ideas included. BSF is famous for this study method.

9. Bible art or doodling

For those who are creative, there is a way to reinforce Bible study through art. Draw or paint pictures of the subject, or a character, bubble letter your keywords, or create the background scene of the time period. The sky is the limit.


10. Worship music

My favorite group is Hillsong. They have tons of worship songs. There are plenty of other groups that play worship music. Check out iTunes or YouTube. You can walk around the neighborhood listening to it on your iPhone.

11. Sing, praise, and thanksgiving

Spend time with God by singing, praising, and giving thanks. This is a wonderful way to worship. God doesn’t care if you can carry a tune. I love singing in the car when no one hears…but God.

Supplement Your Quiet Time With God (Not Replace)

12. Spiritual books

Books about God or spiritual growth are great ways to supplement your quiet times. God uses other people to speak into our lives. They can give wisdom and knowledge in places we need to grow.

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13. Blogs

There are many blogs that have a spiritual emphasis. You can go to my Pinterest page and look under the faith and inspiration board. You will find many faith-based topics to help in your walk.

14. Join a Bible Study

Join a Bible study that has homework. It will keep you accountable. I have done studies with Kay Arthur, Priscilla Shirer, and Bible Study Fellowship. Each one offers a time of lecture, group time, and individual study.

15. Online Bible study

First15, Our Daily Bread, and First5 are great devotionals online. I highly recommend them. There are many others but these are ones I have heard of recently.

16. YouTube

YouTube has a plethora of great Bible teachers. You can find about anyone you want to listen to. There are also church services from about any church if you are not able to attend on Sundays due to health.

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17. Podcasts

I love listening to podcasts. One of my favorites is Family Life Today (check out my interview). I get so much out of their teaching. They are authentic Christians who are not scared to be honest about everyday problems that occur with believers. The hosts tackle subjects like porn, divorce, abuse, estrangement, infidelity, etc.

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19 Creative Ways to Have a Quiet Time with God text. Coffee and a book on a table in background.

What Does the Bible Say About Quiet Time With God?

Not too long ago, I ran across this scripture about having a quiet time with God. In fact, I have never seen it before in all the years I have been a Christian.

You see, even the writers of the Bible knew we would become bored at times. Listen to this zinger…

Hebrews 6:12. The Book

Then, knowing what lies ahead for you, you won’t become bored with being a Christian, not become spiritually dull and indifferent, but you will be anxious to follow the example of those who receive alI that God has promised them because of their strong faith and patience.

Can you believe these verses about quiet time with God? I jumped out of my seat when I read this! 

God knows we need to change things up. We are not going to hell for admitting we are bored with our quiet times. We just need to do things differently so we can get back to our first love.

Hopefully, one or more of these suggestions will help you to get on track with your spiritual life again. Don’t be the weird girl (or guy) that brings a checklist to a party with God. He is so much more than a checkmark.

Do you see the benefits of quiet time with God? Are you ready to change things up a bit? Comment below. 

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Julie is a wife, mom, author, and blogger. She writes about Christian family living, marriage, and faith with a touch of humor.


  1. These are great suggestions. I and my family loves reading especially bible. It really helps a lot, especially for our soul.

  2. Jennifer Prince Reply

    Some passages do seem dull, but others are so interesting. And I seem to learn something new each time I read. It’s so great!!

    • Jennifer, it can get boring. There are some parts that are recorded for history. I am glad we have them so we have a good point of reference. Most parts can be used for instruction and teaching.

  3. I actually really prefer reading my childrens’ catholic Bible over my own! Breaks it up so nicely.

  4. Great advice. For me, it can be difficult to dedicate time specifically to studying, because I am very active and always need to have something to do. I’m going to have to try your “creative people” tips and see how it works. Thx!

  5. Becca Wilson Reply

    I have got to admit that I have never read the Bible and could quote not a single thing from it. I totally believe in God and everything that comes with it, but I just can not get myself to read the Book.

    • Becca, I hope you will start. God is in those pages. He will reveal Himself to you in ways you never thought possible. It is His love letter to mankind. It gives us direction, comfort, and revelation.

  6. Whilst the bible may be hard to read and follow, it is meant to be that way to keep you guessing. After the first read I certainly recommend others to re-read and continue to do so.

    • London, it is like a really good book with so many levels of meaning. We can never truly be done with it. It is God-breathed and awe-inspiring.

  7. Great tips! After many procrastinating failed trials reading directly from the bible, I downloaded audible and purchased a one-year chronological bible reading. I always look forward to Bible reading, as I find it more engaging now.

  8. I really enjoyed reading the tips you gave! Im going to have to try them to help me get through the old testament! I was able to get through the new testament pretty easy but the old is a whole different story for me! Thank you for sharing!

    • Paige, there are some really great stories. You don’t need to be scared of it. It is neat to see the way God moved during that time.

  9. I tried reading the bible once, a few years ago, I didn’t get very far. It probably didn’t help that I started with the old testament as I like to read things in order, but apparently, the new testament is more exciting.

    • Diana, start with the book of John in the New Testament. It is easy to read and it is about Jesus. Everything always points back to Jesus, God’s son. Hope you will try again.

  10. I miss reading my bible and I need to restart doing this! Thank you for the motivation, I really needed it!

    • Kailla, I am glad this post spurred you on to reading it again. Start with the book of John. It may be easier to understand. Going to church will help too.

  11. It’s sad to see that people find it easier to watch a day’s-long series but can’t spare 30 minutes to read the Bible since apparently, it’s boring.. But to make it easier for myself, I start with singing and listening to worship songs and listening to preachers speak the word.

  12. Jennifer Prince Reply

    Such great advice! I need to pick up and start reading my Bible again. It’s been years I’m ashamed to say. It’s so encouraging to read it.

    • Jennifer, no shame. Just start today. It is just like a present you didn’t open today. There are lots of presents just waiting for God to give you if you will take the time to unwrap it.

  13. Actually I’ve found reading bible and gospels very interesting. Maybe it’s because I didn’t read it as an imposition but as a key to understand my christian culture (I’m italian and even if i’m not catholic, I’ve been growing up in a strongly Christian culture). Also reading the apocryphal gospels is so interesting and it tell so much about Jesus. After reading the apocryphal gospels you love him, as human being, even more.

  14. Honestly, it depends upon the book or the chapter. But one thing that I tried is imagining myself to be part of the scene. It makes me better understand what is happening back then so that I won’t get bored.

  15. Elizabeth O Reply

    This is a really helpful article, I imagine a lot of people find it difficult to read the Bible and I like the suggestion of finding one you can easily read as there are lots of versions out there.

    • Elizabeth, I think it is hard to sit down and read it at times because the world crowds in on us with so many other demands. But God quietly draws us to His presence in a way that stops all the noise around us. He makes us to lie down by still waters and restores our soul.

  16. I am not religious however I went to a catholic school and everyone hates bible readings but they did a yearly Mass for the whole school where they modernised old hymns and everyone loved it!

    • Iya, I wish you could start again as an adult. The Bible has so many great things to offer such as comfort, wisdom, direction, and lessons about life. It is relevant even for today.

  17. This is really great advice, I love that you shared it. I have tried to read the bible from front to back, but I heard that’s not the best way to enjoy it and take in all that it offers.

  18. There’s really no excuse especially with the amount of options that we have these days. I think reading the bible via an app is a great way to get in some reading even while you’re on-the-go!

  19. Great advice!! As long as we read the Bible and worship God, whatever time of the day or night we choose is good. It’s hard for me first thing in the morning bc it takes me awhile to get going & focused. My time is after everyone is in bed and then I can Sleep on it.

  20. God often is teaching me about a particular topic, so I look up Scriptures on that topic and listen to sermons on it until God transforms me in that area. Humility is something God is teaching me right now.

  21. Great suggestions. I’ve done all if not most of them. I’m very structured but that has changed a bit since I had my son this year. He always wakes up at the time that used to be my prayer/reading time (4 AM). It’s so hard adjusting to a new & different time.

    • Tara, kids do throw a wrench into things! Grace, grace, grace! You will get a new time going. Thanks for your comment.

  22. Schedules are important although they can be limiting when it comes to reading. I think trying to find ways to practice what you are learning helps. And yes the genealogies . . . I still don’t have a way of making those exciting . . . except maybe the ones in Matthew and Luke.

    • David, yes, the genealogies can be cumbersome! It is good they are there so we can see Jesus’ line. I’m not sure about the rest of them. Thanks for your comment.

  23. I’ve been using a plan from YouVersion and have managed to stick it out so far through Numbers!

    • You are awesome! Numbers is hard to get through. Not my fav., but I know there are lots of important facts in there. Thanks for your comment.

  24. such wonderful tips! I love my alone time with god! its rough to get that alone time with three kids but I manage it! Always looking for new ways to improve my walk with God!

    • Tia, it is so good to hear how many people really do have a quiet time. I think it is the best part of my day. It is just making myself sit down to do it. That is the hard part. Thanks for your comment.

  25. Yes! I love your authenticity in this post as well as the many tips for us to grow in God. What’s important is that we do it. The how doesn’t matter as much as the action. Too often we give up when our way doesn’t work, but maybe that just means we need to try a different way.

    • Sarah, you are so right. It’s important to change things around if you are not growing spiritually. Thanks for your comment.

  26. I find that reading with a goal and the aim to learn something new is important. It keeps you motivated and pushes you to accomplish what you set out to do. I am going to try and incorporate the other tips into my reading next time.

  27. I like reading the new testament. thank you for sharing these tips and suggestions 🙂 discipline is essential

  28. I’m not really religious and so don’t read the bible but have in the past when younger, I used to find it hard to follow sometimes. I think you highlight a good point about discipline.

  29. Tina Gleisner Reply

    I’m not deeply religious so I might use some of your tips for writing in a diary as that’s now on my to do list.

  30. It’s a great way to read Bible everyday. I think that app can be helpful as nowadays no one want to go offline. Thanks for sharing other great tips too.

  31. I have had times when this happens, but I love reading the old testament stories, I can get lost for hours reading and admiring their faith. Thanks for sharing!

  32. Very good tips!! I find what works for me is prayer in the shower, devotional like First 5 in the mornings. I also do bible journaling that helps with memorizing scriptures

  33. Oh my gosh…yes! I’m a devout Catholic and when I say that I mean I’ve been going to Church since I remember but I don’t read the Bible. And it is for this reason. The best tip for me here is the Bible app!Brilliant. I spend so much time on my phone, this is perfect!!

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