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How to Pray for Your Child: 6 Tips to Pray In Your War Room (really pray)

Do you know how to pray for your child? No, I mean REALLY pray for your kids. I am talking about war room prayers for your family. The kind of prayers that speak life, protection, and spiritual growth over your children.

You will be amazed at how things change in your child’s heart when you start praying specifically about certain issues. It doesn’t happen fast, but over time you will see God’s hand move in ways you didn’t think possible.

In this post, I am going to show you how to pray for your child in your war room. I have written a few prayers for you to pray, but more importantly, I want to teach you how to create daily prayers for your children so you can do it too.

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How to Pray for Your Child Using Scriptures

You can learn how to pray for your child using specific keywords. The prayer points (keywords) I have chosen are areas important for most parents.

Once you identify the right keywords,  you can easily find the right scriptures to speak over your child.

The examples I have given don’t cover everything, but it is a good start.

1. Safety

Here is a prayer to pray for your child’s protection:

God, I ask for you to protect _______from harm. Hold him securely in your hands so the evil one has no access to his life (1 John 5:18). Thank you that my child belongs to You, and You will watch over him now and forever. I praise You for being there when I can’t be (Ps. 121:7-8).

I pray _________will make good decisions and obey Your commands so he will not put himself foolishly in harm’s way (Eccl. 8:5). Thank you that my child can rest in the shelter of the Most High. You alone are his refuge and his strength (Ps. 91).

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2. Fear

Here is a prayer for conquering fear:

Let _____sleep at night without feeling fearful (Prov. 19:23). I ask you to help her not be afraid of the terrors of night nor dread the nighttime darkness (Ps. 91:1-6). May she sleep soundly with great peace.

Lord, I ask you to help ________ not be afraid of any situation or person that may come her way as she goes about the day. Let her triumph over any enemies that may try to hurt her physically, mentally, or emotionally  (Ps. 118:6-7).

Even though she may walk through the darkest valley, show her she doesn’t have to fear evil. Let her not fear because You are right there, standing strong, guarding and protecting her (Ps. 23).

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3. School

Here is a prayer for your child in school:

Jesus, I ask you to help ______ in school. Please give him favor with every teacher, coach, and administrator he will come in contact with during the school year. If there is a staff member that does not look at him with favor, then please change the situation.

I pray all staff would speak positively into his life, and he would be taught by the Lord (Is. 54:13).

God, please help _______to participate in class everyday. Give him a desire to learn about your world and everything in it. May he be a person of understanding, who gains wise counsel (Prov. 1:5). Help him not to reject knowledge or forget your laws (Hosea 4:6).

Let____ take hold of instruction and never let go. May he realize wisdom is life to him (Prov 4:13).

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4. Friends

Praying for godly friendships is one of the best ways to pray for your child:

Lord, I ask you to help ________pick godly friends. Show me who will be a positive influence on her life. Let me encourage these friendships and find a way for her to spend time with them. I pray she would walk with those who do not run towards foolishness (Prov 13:20)

If ______loses a friend, I pray you would comfort her. Mend her heart and show her there are other people waiting to be with her (Ps. 147:3). Send her new friends quickly who will love her and stick closer than a brother (Prov. 18:24).

May her friendships sharpen her as iron sharpens iron (Prov. 27: 17).

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How Do You Pray For Kids?

You can learn how to pray scriptures over your child that are specifically designed for their needs. It is not hard.

You will see a big impact when you learn how to create these short prayers for your children. It is time to do spiritual warfare for your kids. This is how to pray for your child:

1. Name the problem

Name the areas (prayer points) your kids need extra help in. Examples are lying, anger, fear, etc. Or perhaps you need to pray for your children’s health. This will be your keyword.

2. Start searching online

Type the keyword (lying, anger, fear, health, or whatever) into your search bar and then add the word “scriptures” to it.  Example: fear scriptures or anger scriptures. The search engine will populate suggestions for “fear scriptures” or “anger scriptures.”

Click on the post you think might give you the most powerful scriptures.

Another idea is to go to,,, or and put the keyword in the search bar.

It will give you scriptures pertaining to your prayer points.

Some online Bible tools have a sidebar with something like “featured verse topics” that you can click on for easier reference.

*If you don’t enjoy research at all, go straight to Proverbs.

3. Choose the scriptures

If you want to know how to pray for your child, then choose scriptures that are appropriate for your child’s situation. Specifically, scriptures that speak life over your child.

If you want a hard copy, paste these verses onto Word, Pages, Notes, Google Docs, or whatever you prefer. Or just pray for your kids right then.

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4. Title it

If you are keeping the prayers for future reference (hard copy), make the prayer point (lying, anger, fear, or whatever) your title and then add the scriptures under it so you can go back to it daily and pray.

You may have several keywords (prayer points) you are praying about.

Add as many scriptures under each keyword that you want.  Example: “Fear” and then add 5 scriptures pertaining to fear under it. “Lying” and 5 scriptures on lying under it until you have filled a page or two.

5. Print it

Print the document with your prayer points and scriptures. Keeping a hard copy is one of the best tips when teaching how to pray for your child. 

6. Pray

Pray daily for your children using the scriptures you have printed out on paper. It’s not a one-and-done thing. 

Keep praying fervently every day no matter what. Furthermore, you can use these verses as a family prayer.  You can create prayers for your children to say at night before bed. This will teach your kids to pray too.

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How to Pray Deeply to God

So how do you intercede deeply for your child using these scriptures? Let me show you how.

Let’s stick with the “fear” example.

Perhaps you found Joshua 1:9 when you Googled the word “fear.” The scripture says, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

You are going to pray scripture back to God saying this:  “Thank you, God, that __(your child’ name)___is strong and courageous. Help him not to be afraid or discouraged. God, I ask You to be with ___(child’s name)___wherever he goes.”

You are speaking directly at the root issue and praying God’s own words back to Him. You can never be out of God’s will when you are praying His words.

I have found this method of praying scripture back to God to be the most powerful war room prayers for my family.

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What Does the Bible Say About Praying For Your Child?

If you want to know how to pray for your child check out what the Bible says:

1 Samuel 1:27 says, “For this child, I prayed, and the Lord hath given me my petition which I asked of him.”

God truly has given me my petitions that I have asked for. Praying for my kids has worked over the years.

In fact, I have done this for the past ten years and have seen great miracles during this time.

Many times, when we as parents force our kids to do something, it is an outward change and not internal. This produces short-term results. I have done this a lot!

You want to see change happen inside first with your child’s heart.

I encourage you to learn how to pray for your child. It is the best way to see lasting results, especially if you need to pray for a child who is going down the wrong path. It may just save him.

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How Do I Get My Prayers Answered Fast?

I wish I could tell you that your prayers will get answered fast. What I recommend is that you get to the root of the problem fast. And start praying for that to be addressed. This is how to pray for your child.

Sometimes you will get breakthroughs right away. Most of the time, it takes deep commitment and intercession before you will see any real changes. Don’t be shocked if things get worse before they get better.

In fact, some strongholds may be generational. I recommend fasting if you are not seeing movement. Chances are you are very close to a breakthrough when it seems worse.

Whatever you do, don’t give up! Keep praying scripture back to God no matter what.

Prayer works. I have years of answered prayer to prove it! God will do the same for you as He has done for me.

Did you learn how to pray for your child? Share in the comments below. 

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  1. This is such a gem. I have been struggling with praying for my son obesity and its good that you say to get to the root of the problem. Thanks for sharing your site. Such a blessing.

    1. Soniachic, yes, he is alive! He is good, loving, and wants to have a relationship with us through prayer. I hope these prompts and verses will help you. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Thank you Julie for such a great post. I love the prayers because they are so specific. I pray to God that l would make praying for my daughter a daily habit.

  3. Hi, Julie, This is such a brilliant post. As a Hindu, I pray daily for my loved ones. But reading this post has made me realize that I should be more targeted in my prayers. I love that line ‘ you’re using God’s own words back to him’. So I have to restudy my Hindu scriptures to find the words to include in my prayers. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Poovanesh, I am so glad this was helpful. I am not sure the difference between our faiths, but I do know that praying scripture breathed from God is powerful. I highly encourage you to try praying the verses and see what happens! I always appreciate all your comments. You are so sweet. Many blessings to you.

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