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how does God speak to us

How Does God Speak to Us? Ordinary Ways We May Be Missing Him

How does God speak to us as women? Is it different than the way He speaks to men?


God can speak to us any way He chooses (and He does), but I see something special about how He communicates with the fairer sex. In fact, I think it is pretty cool.

Perhaps you have never noticed the difference in His approach. I didn’t until recently when my nephew’s wife posted some thoughts by Heather Farrell on Facebook. After I read it, I scrolled by thinking it was a nice idea.

And then it hit me. God does speak to men and women differently.

It is such a simple concept, yet I have missed it all these years as a Christian. Frankly, it has changed my view on how to hear God’s voice.

In fact, you too may be shocked if you have never heard this concept until now. Before we look at how we hear God’s voice, let’s talk about everyday life as a wife and mom.

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Freedom to Leave

My husband likes to leave the house without telling anyone. I don’t fault him for it now. In fact, I understand why he does it. But when I was a young mom, not so much

Meanwhile, if  I wanted to leave, I had to beg find a babysitter to come over. When I finally did get one, I had to leave a list of numbers, and when I would be back (preferably next week).

And then there was the actual leaving. That had its own drama. Kids hanging on my leg, the crying … It wasn’t pretty.

And if the kids were sick, tough luck. I was NEVER leaving the house.

So what does this have to do with the question, “How does God speak to us as women?”


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How Does God Speak to Us As Women?

If you are wondering how does God speaks to us as women, you are not alone. I think we all are looking to hear God’s voice, but we get busy.

In fact, many times we don’t have the luxury to steal away for a couple of hours, much less do we have days to be alone to hear God’s voice because we have laundry, shopping, cooking, career, carpooling, etc.

We are tied down like a deep-rooted tree that has grown into the foundation of a home.

Frankly, that’s a good thing. Your kids may not survive your husband’s cooking. Food poisoning anyone?

That is why many times in the Bible you will see God coming to women, meeting them right where they are while men have to get away to hear God’s voice. (They can’t multi-task like us.)

Here are some examples: Moses went to a mountain for forty days, Abraham heard God on the mountain when He was about to sacrifice Isaac, David heard God while wandering in the desert, Jonah was in a whale, John on the island of Patmos, and Paul was walking on the road to Damascus when God spoke to him.

Even Jesus went away to a mountain, a wilderness, and a garden to talk to God.

Women, on the other hand, can’t exactly leave. We have to call a babysitter.

God meets women right where they are.

And many times, it’s while we are doing some mundane task.

Not real flashy, huh? No burning bush, lightning bolts carving the Ten Commandments, Red Sea parting, or big fish to swallow us up.


He just quietly comes to us in a sweet whisper in between burping the baby and spreadsheets on Excel. I know He can do the same for men, just go with me here…

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How Does God Speak to Us?

Many times God speaks to us while we are making the bed, fixing meals, rotating laundry, weeding, waiting in the carpool line, or between clients at the office.

God speaks to us while we are in the shower, making lunches, or laying in bed at night staring at the ceiling.

It is in the most ordinary ways that seem, well, ordinary. And it makes us think He was not speaking at all because it was right between making lunches and driving to work.

Let’s face it, God knows we aren’t going to the mountain alone in the next thirty years. We can’t even go to the bathroom alone.

He knows he has to meet us right in the middle of our big, crazy life.

You don’t believe me? Check this out from the Bible:

An angel came to Sarah telling her she would have Isaac, an angel came to Hagar, spies came to Rehab with a message, Issac’s servant came to Rebecca at the well, an angel came to Mary–the mother of Jesus, an angel came to Elizabeth, Jesus came to the woman at the well,  and Jesus came to Mary and Martha while preparing food and when Lazurus died.

Most of all, Jesus came to Mary at the tomb after He had been dead for three days.

God came to each of these women right where they were and spoke to them.


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how does God speak to us

Can God Communicate With Us?

How does God speak to us?

God communicates to us (man or woman) every day in the quietest ways if we will just listen to Him. When you least expect it, God whispers his love. In fact, I believe He can speak to us in our minds and in our hearts.

I have clearly heard his voice while making my bed, weeding, cooking, or waiting in the car. I have I heard him when it’s quiet at night and everyone is asleep. Sometimes He speaks to me while I am sleeping.

How does God speak to us?

He speaks His loving words, gives direction, and imparts creative solutions to difficult problems. Sometimes He whispers “I love you” when I feel the least loved.

I invite you to look for God in the mundane tasks of your life. You don’t need to wait for lightning bolts, the stars to align, or any other big display of His glory. He is right there with you as you fold that tenth load of laundry.

In fact, He is saying, “I love you” to you too. Can you hear Him?

How does God speak to us as women? It is usually in mundane and ordinary ways, so start listening for His voice. He is there waiting for you to say, “Yes, Lord Jesus, I hear you.”

How does God speak to you? Comment below. 


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13 thoughts on “How Does God Speak to Us? Ordinary Ways We May Be Missing Him”

  1. Thanks be to God for your insight! Literally, in tears because I am so thankful to know our God. He does meet us in our need. Where ever that may be.

  2. Amen. This is true. I had to think through the examples, but I like this. We are often fellowshipping with the Lord while we are on duty. I still love to go sit with him on my back porch with a cup of coffee too.

  3. Insightful post! I remember a discussion with one of my newly pregnant friends about 20 years ago. She was so worried that she wouldn’t have time for Jesus when her baby arrived. I assured her that she would have plenty of time with Jesus because he shows up in so many different ways!

  4. I never really thought about this, but it’s so true! It can be difficult at times when we feel “stuck” but taking the time to listen to God during those everyday tasks is a great way to reconnect.

  5. God is so good that He meets us all wherever we are. He met Joseph in his dreams; walked with Enoch; met Gideon while hiding in a wine vat, threshing wheat; and spoke to Solomon and Samuel while they were trying to sleep.????
    “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart” (Jer. 29:13). He loves to communicate with us. Praise Him????

    1. Absolutely! God meets both men and women right where they are at. I think it is pretty cool that He knows women can’t typically get away for long periods of time to seek Him. He knows what we need right at the moment. Thanks for your comment.

  6. When I read your opening I thought, “And sometimes I’m very glad he goes out!” However, that want true when we had kids at home. Now as an empty nester, I crave quiet.

    1. Ava James, isn’t it cool how God speaks to us right where we are. We think it has to be a big display of HIs works. Meanwhile, He is speaking to us in between cooking chicken and heating the broccoli for dinner. Thanks for your comment.

  7. I love this! It’s true that women have continuous life-giving work to do for their families (producing meals, running the home, taking care of kids) so that they are not able to get away like men do. I was also surprised last week when I saw the same post you did. I like how you elaborate here. 🙂

    1. Very insightful read, the part where you say “god speaks to us in the most ordinary way” really seemed to click with me and makes sense. Paying attention to our thoughts during those times could be very beneficial!

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