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  1. Ahhh what a heart felt of your estrangement and than getting back to your parents. Sometime it became a need of time to move away from your relations so that you both can understand and sort out what’s going on and how to deal with it and solve the problem from its root cause

    • My daughter estranged herself from me seven years ago.. It has been so painful physically and mentally.. She has my only grandchildren and I have not been able to see them or know anything about them.. Now my granddaughter can drive a car so she has been to see me along with her younger brother.. I want to start an estrangement support group in my church.. I know so many that are suffering from being estranged from their children and grandchildren… I pray about it and have tried to reach out to her and her husband… I am 84 years old and this has been so difficult.. Sleep eludes me.. I think about it too much.. I am very depressed and so sad.

    • Yes, the best thing we did was stop and heal. It was painful walking away but the wounds were so deep that we needed professional help to recover. I was diagnosed with PTSD. I had nightmares and couldn’t sleep. Also, flashbacks. It took a while for that to stop. Most of all, to forgive. Thanks for your comment.

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