Check out this list of the 100+ best Christian family movies you need to watch today, if you are tired of watching garbage.

Think about it. How many of you have had a nightmare after watching a yucky movie? Or did you feel like you needed to take a shower after listening to foul language, watching sleazy sex scenes, or viewing scary themes?

It’s time to change your viewing habits and put something good in your mind.

Check out this incredibly uplifting list of 100+ best Christian family movies so that the next time someone walks through your living room, you won’t feel embarrassed because you will be watching these family-friendly Christian movies.

Also, Common Sense Media is an excellent place to check for faith-based movies for your family. It has a “Best Of” list for movies, apps, streaming, books, websites, games, etc.

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What Are the Best Christian Family Movies?

All of the movies listed below are Christian-friendly in nature. These faith movies are carefully selected for your family to be encouraging, uplifting, teach a moral lesson, or emphasize redemption in some way.

While they are some of the best Christian family movies, some contain violence or more adult themes, so you still need to watch them with your kids.

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The 100+ Best Christian Family Movies of All Time

Here are 100+ of the best Christian family movies of all time. I recently updated this post as of 2024 and added new best Christian movies. There are Christian family movies on Netflix, the best Christian movies on Amazon Prime, and Christian movies for families on Apple TV, too. All the work is done for you, so enjoy these great shows now!

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Best Christian Family Movies:

(N)-Netflix (P)- Prime (A)-Apple TV

  1. The Chosen series- N, P, A
  2. War Room- P, A
  3. Fireproof- P, A
  4. Facing the Giants- P, A
  5. Courageous- P, A
  6. Flywheel-P, A
  7. Overcomer-P, A
  8. God’s Not Dead 1, 2, & 3- P, A
  9. Jesus Revolution-N, P
  10. Unbroken-N, P, A
  11. The Left Behind series- P, A
  12. A Question of Faith-P, A
  13. I’m Not Ashamed-P, A
  14. I Can Only Imagine-P, A
  15. Heaven Is For the Real-P, A
  16. Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story-N, P, A
  17. Mercy Rule-P
  18. Breakthrough-P, A
  19. The Chronicles of Narnia series-P, A
  20. The Case For Christ-P, A
  21. The Blind Side-P, A
  22. Letters to God-P, A
  23. Hacksaw Ridge-N, P
  24. The Ultimate Life-P, A
  25. A Long Way Off- A
  26. Have a Little Faith-P
  27. Do You Believe?-P, A
  28. Just Mercy-P, A
  29. The Blind-P, A
  30. The Grace Card-P, A
  31. Unconditional-P
  32. Time Changer-A, P
  33. Miracles From Heaven-A, P
  34. Son of God-P, A
  35. Grace Unplugged-A, P
  36. Russ Taft-I Still Believe- P, A
  37. A Champion Heart-N, P, A
  38. The Nativity Story-P, A
  39. The Passion of the Christ-P, A
  40. Risen-P, A
  41. The Ten Commandments-P, A
  42. Schindler’s List-P, A
  43. Where Hope Grows-N, A, P
  44. Soul Surfer-N, P, A
  45. Raising Izzie-A
  46. Finding Grace-P, A
  47. Run the Race-P, A
  48. Same Kind of Different As Me-A
  49. Finding Normal-A
  50. Touched By Grace-P
  51. Woodlawn-P, A
  52. Home Team- N, A
  53. Amazed By You-P, A
  54. October Baby-P
  55. Chariots of Fire-P, A
  56. Undefeated-N, A
  57. Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable-N, P
  58. Switched (2020)-P
  59. Love Comes Softly-Janette Oke Love series- P
  60. Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace-N, P
  61. Coming Home: What is the True Measure of a Man?-P, A
  62. The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry-P
  63. Blue Miracle-N
  64. American Underdog-P, A
  65. A Week Away–N
  66. I Believe-P, A
  67. Catching Faith 1 & 2-P
  68. AD: The Bible Continues-A
  69. Greater- P, A
  70.  The Ressurection of Gavin Stone-N, A
  71. Unplanned-P, A
  72. Indivisible-P, A
  73. 23 Blast-P
  74. God Bless the Broken Road- P, A
  75. The Miracle Worker-P, A
  76. Hillsong: Let Hope Rise-P, A
  77. God’s Compass-P, A
  78. Ragamuffin-P, A
  79. The Bible-P, A
  80. Run the Race-P, A
  81. Do You Believe?-P
  82. The Song-P
  83. When the Game Stands Tall-P, A
  84. Mom’s Night Out-P, A
  85. The Perfect Summer-P, A
  86. Camp Harlow-P, A
  87. CAMP-P
  88. Home Run-P, A
  89. Beverly Lewis’ The Shunning-P, A
  90. The Climb (mtn. climbers)-P
  91. The Identical-P, A
  92. Amazing Grace (William Wilberforce)-P, A
  93. The Ultimate Gift-P, A
  94. Time Changer-P
  95. To Save a Life-P, A,
  96. Tim Tebow: On a Mission- A
  97. End of the Spear-P, A
  98. Greater-P, A
  99. I’m In Love with a Church Girl-P
  100. Ben Hur-A, P

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Best Christian Family Movies Bonus:

  • Hoovey-P
  • Mary 4 Mayor-P, A
  • A Father’s Legacy-P, A
  • Pass the Light-P, A

If you want to make sure you watch the best Christian family movies of all time, get a second opinion. I suggest checking out Movieguide or Plugged In for Christian movie reviews. They will give you an honest evaluation to help you decide if the movie is appropriate for your kids’ age and maturity.

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Does Netflix Have Any Best Christian Family Movies?

The best Christian family movies on Netflix 2024 that I have found are listed below. They are not the only faith-based movies; it is a good start.

  • Greater
  • The Young Messiah
  • Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story
  • Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable
  • The Blind Side
  • The Ressurection of Gavin Stone
  • A Champion Heart
  • A Week Away
  • Where Hope Grows
  • Soul Surfer
  • Home Team
  • Undefeated
  • Blue Miracle

What Bible Stories Are on Netflix?

There is a section called Faith & Spirituality on Netflix that lists Bible stories and the best movies for Christian families currently streaming. The list changes frequently, so it’s good to check it occasionally to see what’s new.

FYI: I love Veggie Tales on Netflix. Their plotlines many times reflect Bible stories. It’s the best Christian family movie for your kids.

Pin it for later!

Best Christian Family Movies

What About PureFlix-Great American Family For the Best Christian Family Movies?

If you want to watch the best family Christian movies of all time, get PureFlix-Great American Families. (I am not an affiliate). It has many of these movies plus more. I love it. The membership has a small monthly fee that is affordable to almost everyone.

Pop some popcorn, grab a blanket, and snuggle up on the couch to watch the best Christian movies for families. It may be one of the best days you spend with your kids and may change their worldview on some fundamental subjects.

What are the best Christion family movies of all time that you recommend? Comment below. 

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Julie is a wife, mom, teacher, author, and blogger. She writes about Christian family living, marriage, parenting with a touch of humor.


  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to put together this list, but some of these movies should not even be considered Christian. The Chosen has many unbiblical references like when “Jesus” says “I am law” No Jesus came to fulfill the law. And the Shack is out right blasphemy. In that “Jesus” says there are many paths or ways to God, No! There is one way to the Father, in Christ alone.

    • I understand that some of these selections may not be up to your standards. We each have our own convictions about what to watch. I have found incredible healing watching The Chosen. God’s love permeates through the show and it has made me run to Him even more.

  2. These look great! And so accessible- thanks! One not on this list is Free Burma Rangers. It’s more of a documentary-type movie, but it’s mine and my kids absolute favorite Christian movie. I could watch it again and again. absolutely incredible. I had to pay a hefty price and order it though. So worth it.

  3. The Crown has a rating of TV Mature. Do you know why? I have no desire to watch overt sexual situations and nudity. Thanks for your input.

  4. I just wonder, If I’m good enough for God. Watching these movies,,,, I don’t know. But I like them. They are an inspiration.

    • I DONT know you Matt, I just read your comment about wondering if you are good enough for God. First I am assuming you are saved…right? I m going to tell you a couple of things so you know the answer to your question. Are ya ready? Ok first let me tell, YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH FOR GOD! I know this about you without even knowing you at all because God’s Word says you are! If all you ever do in this life is to believe in God’s son Jesus. And ask God to forgive you and open your heart to him and believe his word and praise him for all things are because of Him. Then thats it! Your inside those pearly gates! But if you are still doubting yourself Heres another reason why I know you are good enough. If you have repented, ask God into and believe whole heartedly in our lord and savior then when God looks at you he no longer sees your sins. He’s sees the blood that come from his son, Jesus.
      Before Jesus ascended to Heaven he tells his disciples, he tells us “My Grace I leave with you, my Grace is sufficient” He also leaves us his Holy Spirit. Do you fully understand those 2 sentences? Grace means unmerited favor or undeserved favor. Meaning we can do 1,000 good works in Gods name a day but we can’t earn his Grace. God our Savior knows we fall short if his Grace every day yet if we believe in his son and believe he died and rose 3 days later than nothing can take His Grace from us. He freely gives us His Grace every minute every hour every day. No matter what. Its not our own self righteousness but Gods righteousness that get us to Glory.

      Heres another reason how I know you are enough. You matter to God, not because you are whoever’s son or brother or dad. You matter Matt simply because your Matt. If you were the only person ever in the history of the world since Jesus’s death that accepted him into your heart and believed in him then he still would have endured all that he did. From being beaten, mocked, spit on, denied, hung on the cross with all the sin upon him so much so that even his own Father, God had to turn his head, if you were the only person to believe that Jesus would still have went through all that and then died just to save you and only you. Now how much does that tell you, you are ENOUGH! Just as Jesus’s Grace is enough for us so are we to Him!
      As Jesus right this very second sitting on his throne at the right of God so are we!
      I’m sorry this is such a long comment but a little sentence or two wasn’t good enough to explain to you that you Matt are enough for Him! I hope this helps and i will be praying for you.
      P.S. oh I forgot one thing. That doubt you are having, its not of God. Its the King of all lies, the one that was cast out of heaven and his only purpose is to kill, steal and destroy us! He’s the one that’s making you think you aren’t enough. He already knows his destiny. He’s known his destiny from the beginning. His only purpose is to drag as many to Hell with him as he can when his times up. Rebuke him away from you in the name of Jesus. Rebuke his lies and condemnation from you in the name of Jesus! Tell him his lies to you won’t work anymore! Get behind him Satan! You are not welcome here! If you have to say this every minute then so be it say it out loud every minute. The bible says that he has to flee only to observe from the window at just the mention of Jesus’s name. They flee with trembles and fear just by us speaking the name Jesus out loud. And remember when you rebuke him and command him to leave you have to speak it out loud because satan isn’t omnipresent like our Lord and savior. The devil only knows what he can hear! So speak boldly with authority from God to rebuke him away!

    • ————–
      MATT FEBRUARY 2, 2023 AT 7:50 PM
      I just wonder, If I’m good enough for God. Watching these movies,,,, I don’t know. But I like them. They are an inspiration.
      Hi Matt, On our own, none of us are good enough for God. He’s perfect. We’re not even close. The difference between the best and worst of us is insignificant compared to the difference between all of us and God.
      BUT, God is more than good enough for us. God loves you, me, all of us in such a way that begins a lifelong transformation in us, and He will eventually bring it to full completion. It all comes down to Jesus dead on the cross where simultaneously God shows His goodness and justice that lets no wrong go unpunished, AND at the same time, shows His goodness and love by sacrificing Himself to take on Himself the full punishment for all our wrongs. But His goodness is greater than our wrongs. Death could not hold Him. He defeated death and rose to life. There at the cross and empty tomb He bings our transformation. There He also starts to inspire us not only to receive His goodness, but also to embracing the process of becoming good. The inspirations from these movies are echoes and dim reflections of that prime inspiration. Keep watching. Keep reading the original in the Bible. Keep being inspired and transformed by God’s love.

    • I am so glad you are watching the 100 Best Christian Family Movies of All Time (2022)! Thanks for letting me know that it is a blessing!

  5. I absolutely LOVE LOVE this post. I’ve made lists of movies to watch with kids for cultural experiences before we travel to that country. However, I’ve never thought of a Christian movie list. We love Right Now Media for Christian shows. I’ve pinned and saved your list for my own family and to share with others. A fantastic idea for a post. Thank you for sharing, Beth, wisemommies.com

    • Thank you so much. I have been watching the movies, and I am really enjoying them. I will keep adjusting it as I check out all of them.

  6. This is a great list. I’ve seen most of the first 10 and looking forward to watching some more in my spare time. Thank you.

  7. I’ve been blessed by some of the movies listed! This is such a useful resource. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to checking out some of the ones I haven’t seen.

    • Oh, good. The best Christian movies for families are just for people stuck at home. They are great at any time.

  8. I love those too. They are definitely some of the best Christian movies for families to watch anytime. Thanks for commenting.

    • My humble opinion: God’s compass should not be on the list. “H” word, inappropriate dress and a few more.

      • Oh, goodness. I hope my readers will take this into consideration. It is so hard to filter out every single thing! I definitely would say this is for a teen or older. Thanks for letting me know.

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