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33 Fun Christmas Activities to Do As a Family at the Holidays

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How about some fun Christmas activities to do as a family this holiday season? The best way to get your crew interested in family time is to create some holiday cheer and make some fun traditions.

Here is a list of things my family has done over the years. I am so glad my husband and I took the time out to do them as my kids are now grown.

fun Christmas activities

I realize now, I only had a small window of time to make Christmas a magical time they would love and remember fondly. Here are some great ways to make Christmas fun.

33 Fun Christmas Activities to Do As a Family

Fun Christmas Activities Away From Home:

  1. Christmas concert-attend a Christmas concert as a family
  2. Movie theater or Drive-In-go see the latest Christmas movie in the theater.
  3. Movies at home-watch Hallmark or other Christmas movies together at home. We loved to watch It’s a Wonderful Life every year together. Hallmark is such a fun Christmas activity.
  4. Christmas play-go to a Christmas play at a local theater.
  5. Travel-get out of town and enjoy the holidays away from home with your family. New York is so fun at Christmas time.

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Fun Christmas Activities With Food:

  1. Special breakfast-make a special breakfast Christmas Eve or Christmas morning.
  2. Gingerbread house-decorate a gingerbread house. You can buy the premade sheets with the candy and icing altogether in a kit. It’s not expensive.
  3. Make cookies-we loved making gingerbread cookies. The kids had fun decorating them. Most of the time the gingerbread men looked a bit wonky…but they still tasted good!
  4. Create family memories-make traditions special to your family (We toss pancakes from the stove to the table on Christmas morning.)
  5. Special dinner-go to a nice restaurant during the holidays that you would never go to any other time of the year. This is one of the most fun Christmas activities we look forward to every year.

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Fun Christmas Activities For Young Kids:

  1. Pictures with Santa-many times the mall or department store will have a Santa that sees kids and takes pictures. I have seen a few places that do selfies.
  2. Christmas tree-pick out the tree or go cut one down, and then decorate the tree together and drink hot cocoa or cider.
  3. Elf on the Shelf-do elf on the shelf during the season. Here are 50 ideas to help you make it fun.
  4. Christmas crafts-make Chrismas themed crafts together. Pinterest has tons of ideas.
  5. Open a present-open one present on Christmas Eve just to add a little fun.
  6. Santa-set out milk and cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.
  7. Reindeer prints-put reindeer prints on the floor Christmas morning so it looks like Rudolph and all the reindeer came.
  8. Stockings-hang stockings on the mantle and fill them when Santa comes.
  9. Carriage ride-many areas have carriage rides available. This is a great way to bring the family together.

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 Fun Christmas Activities For Teenagers:

  1. Christmas lights-drive around your area and look at Christmas lights.
  2. Ice skating-go ice skating together. Have your kids invite friends to come along.
  3. Christmas shopping/market-do your Christmas shopping together as a family at a specialty market or shopping center that is decorated for the holidays.
  4. Holiday in the Park-this is at Six Flags over Texas. Check your area for amusement parks that do holiday celebrations.
  5. Game night-play games together as a family, and listen to holiday music and drink cocoa.
  6. Puzzle-have a 500 or 1000 piece Christmas puzzle sitting out for everyone to work on during the season. People will just gather at the table randomly to work on it.
  7. Caroling-sing carols together as a family or go caroling together with friends.

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Fun Christmas Activities That Are Spiritual:

  1. Christmas Eve service-attend a church service on Christmas Eve.
  2. Christmas story-read the Christmas story (Luke 2) sometime during the season. This will bring your family together.
  3. Celebrate Advent- have an advent calendar and read a meaningful passage every week.
  4. Live Nativity Scene-attend a live nativity play or scene in your area.
  5. Mission project-participate in Angel Tree, Operation Christmas Child, feed the homeless, or visit a nursing home. This will bring your family together.
  6. Church services-attend church services during Advent.
  7. Christmas music-have Christmas music playing in the background during the season. Just keep it going all day. It will create a festive mood.

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Here is an amazing song that is quite powerful. It will definitely help bring in the season.

This is a long list of fun Christmas activities. Don’t get stressed out and feel like you have to do them all to bring your family together. That is one of the worst things that happens with moms during the holidays. We do too much and get worn out. Take time to do something you love to do… alone. Keep up your own health and enjoy the season!

Merry Christmas from Mom Remade!

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22 thoughts on “33 Fun Christmas Activities to Do As a Family at the Holidays”

  1. This is such a great list! As much as I I’ve the decorations and the eating and the presents, spending time with family truly is the best part of the holiday season.

  2. Great list! I too am a Hallmark freak! I actually just decided to add a gingerbread house to our list this year. I didn’t think of a live nativity scene. Searching for one now!

  3. Love these sweet ideas! My family always made a trip to NYC each year to Rockefeller Center to skate and see the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City. Best memories that I hope I can continue when hubs and I start our family!

  4. So many of these are part of my family traditions! A special breakfast, making cookies together and movies at home! My husband and I always have a “Christmas Date” and we are actually going to NYC in December for all things Christmas! So fun.

  5. Grateful for this. Because I want to create memories with my brother and my Dad who is mid-80’s, as well as my husband’s family. There are not young kids around, but family is still important. Thanks!

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