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tips for positive parenting

35 Best Tips For Positive Parenting You Don’t Want to Miss

Here are the best 35 tips for positive parenting all in one place. And these tips are based on a Christian worldview.

It is a combination of my experience as a mom (who has raised two kids) and as a teacher. I have also added the expertise of others who know about parenting, family, and faith.

This information has been put in one place so you can quickly find what you are looking for in a pinch. Save it for future reference!

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tips for positive parenting

The Best Tips For Positive Parenting

  1. Do you feel like you have failed as a parent?  When You Feel Like You Have Failed as a Parent
  2. Do you need to admit when you are wrong and apologize to your kid?  Should You Apologize to Your Child: 5 Things Happen When You Don’t
  3. Is yelling at your kids that big of a deal?7 Life-Changing Steps to Help You Stop Yelling at Your Kids
  4. Do you struggle with creating family time? How to Create Incredible Family Memories
  5. Are your kids driving you crazy on the weekends, holidays, or the summer? Summer Schedule: Fun Ideas to Keep Your Kids Engaged All Day
  6. Do you wonder if you are a good parent?  25 Super Tips to Help You Be Good Parent

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The Best Tips For Positive Parenting As a Mom

  1. As a mom, are you tired of correcting, redirecting, and cleaning up after your kids all day? 37 Hilarious Mom Quotes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud
  2. Do you feel like you are not appreciated as a stay-at-home mom? 3 Incredible Benefits of a Being a Stay Home Mom
  3. Do you wonder if you are doing everything right as a mom? Parenting: 3 Biggest Secrets I Wish I Knew When My Kids Were Young
  4. Are you worried about your kids? Parental Anxiety: 7 Breakthrough Tips To Calm Yourself Down
  5. Do you struggle with finding mom friends?  17 Creative Ways to Find the Best Mom Friends Ever
  6. Are you the hot mess mom?  11 Revealing Clues You Are a Hot Mess Mom

Best Tips For Positive Parenting With Your Pre-Schoolers

  1. Do you have a picky eater? Mind-Blowing Tips to Get a Picky Eater to Eat Everything
  2. Are you ready to boot your kids out of your bed? 7 Helpful Tips to Get Your Baby Sleep Through the Night
  3. Are you having issues with your pre-schooler? 9 Sneaky Ways Your Pre-Schooler is in Charge and How to Fix It

Best Tips For Positive Parenting At School

  1. Are you struggling with where to put your kids in school? 29 Insider Secrets to Help Find a Good School For Your Child
  2. Do you wonder if there are a few things you can do to prepare your child for school?  37 Easy Ways to Help Your Child be School-Ready
  3. Would you like to help your child with reading?  25 Mind-Blowing Tricks to Make Reading Fun for Your Child
  4. Are you worried about school shootings? School Safety: The REAL Reason For School Violence
  5. Does your child have a bad teacher? 15 Smart Strategies to Surviving a Bad Teacher
  6. Is your child prepared to act correctly at school? 9 Best Character Qualities Your Child Needs at School

Best Tips For Positive Parenting With Faith

  1. Do you and your spouse struggle with how to bring faith into your family?  Got Stuck? How to Agree on Faith as a Married Couple
  2. Do you struggle with what to teach your kids morally?  Teen Dating: Best Secrets When Talking to Your Kids
  3. How do you develop your kid’s faith? The Biggest Secret to Raising Boys Who Are Godly
  4. Do you wonder if prayer will change your child’s life? How to Pray for Your Kids in Your War Room

Best Tips For Positive Parenting With Your Pre-Teens and Teens

  1. Is your teen pouting or having a meltdown?  5 Most Effective Tactics When Dealing With a Moody Teenager
  2. Do you need help with technology so you can monitor your kid’s phone and social media? A Parent’s Guide To Today’s Technology
  3. How do you talk to your teen about sex? Teen Dating: Best Secrets When Talking to Your Kids
  4. How do you create family memories with your teen?  Focus on Your Teen: 9 Best Activities to do as a Family
  5. Is your teen acting entitled? How to Teach Kindness and Empathy to Your Kids In An Entitled World
  6. Do you wonder how your teen feels about you? Five Important Things Kids Wish Their Parents Knew
  7. Are you raising a boy? The Biggest Secret to Raising Boys Who Are Godly
  8. Are you raising a girl?  Creative Ways to Raise a Strong Daughter
  9. Are you struggling with a stronghold in your teen’s life? The Ultimate Secret to Change Your Teen’s Attitude
  10. What are some traits of a successful teen? The Most Powerful Parenting Tips (from Successful Teens)

Parenting is not easy. No one has all the answers, but hopefully, this is a great place for you to start when you have questions.

I highly recommend Dr. James Dobson’s website, Focus on the Family, for further reference. He is a wonderful resource. Be sure to save this post for later.

What are your tips for positive parenting? Comment below.

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10 thoughts on “35 Best Tips For Positive Parenting You Don’t Want to Miss”

  1. This is a great group of lists here. I think at some point we all end up feeling like a failure as a parent. My biggest issue is the picky eater one lol

    1. Kayla, I totally understand the picky eater issue. I struggled with this until I did the one trick my pediatrician told me to do. It worked like magic. Both of my kids are not picky eaters. These are some of the best parenting tips on picky eating you will ever find.

    1. Jaclyn, yes, this is a big list. Hopefully, there is something for everyone. If there is one thing I would read it is anything in the faith section. Faith is the most important thing you can ever do. Parenting without God is a disaster. These are some of the best parenting tips you will ever find. Dr. Dobson is the pro though.

    1. Nicole, these are some of the best parenting tips you will find. Not all of my tips, but Dr. Dobson’s. He is a great resource. I definitely have lots of experience, but Dr. Dobson has a wealth of information.

  2. This is an excellent compilation. It is quite comprehensive but I didn’t see a category for dads. They have their struggles in this area too. Great work anyways. <3

    1. Edith, yes, I don’t have a category for dads. I write from the perspective of a mother. These are the best parenting tips from the heart of a mom. Dr. Dobson is a great resource for all sorts of parenting issues, including dads. Thanks for commenting.

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