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why is faith important

Why Is Faith Important As a Married Couple? Passing Down a Legacy

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Why is faith important as a married couple? What you and your spouse think and believe about God will directly impact your marriage and how you raise your kids.

Unfortunately, many people don’t take the time to figure this out until they are married. And then they spend most of their married life arguing about how to approach the “God” subject.

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why is faith important

In this post, I am going to talk about why faith is important in marriage. First, we will explore how we see God, and then how it is passed down to the next generation. 

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How Does Faith Impact Your Life?

Faith impacts our lives in one way or another. Even if you don’t have faith, it is still a choice that affects your marriage. Here are at least four ways we see God: a bellhop, mean old man, non-existent, or as Lord.

1. The first way we see God is like a bellhop who gives us what we want.

You put your order in and presto! It is supposed to appear for you. If you don’t get it, you just didn’t have enough faith.

Perhaps you have been told that if you believe in God, all of your problems will go away, and you will get whatever you want. The old “name it and claim it” mentality.

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In fact, you may not even believe in God, but this is your worldview, in general. It is all about accumulating stuff. Hoping one day it will make you happy if you just get…

If you carry this belief system into your family, you could see your kids treating you the same way. Perhaps more as an ATM than a person.

Over time, your family will be more concerned about superficial things than relationships.

One day you will wake up realizing you are surrounded by all your toys, but you have not invested in the people around you. Your relationships will be shallow and superficial. And your kids will be sad you weren’t there for them when they needed you the most.

Why is faith important? Your family legacy will be more about things than people.

2. The second way we see God is like a mean old man who doesn’t care about you.

Perhaps you think God is cruel.

You picture Him with a white beard and a lightning bolt in His hand (like Zeus) waiting to zap you. You think he’s angry all the time and a real killjoy.

This can translate into severe parenting. Your family is more about rules instead of a relationship. More law than grace. You rule with threats and fear.

Many times kids end up hating their parents when this parenting style rules the home. They can’t wait to leave when they turn 18. There is no love to draw them back.

Why is faith important? Your family legacy will be one of broken relationships, unforgiveness, and maybe even an estrangement.

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3. Third, you don’t believe in God or you believe He is disengaged.

You are angry about things that have happened to you or the ones you love. Perhaps you are convinced a loving God could never be a part of this world. You do not understand real love means allowing free will. And that is why you can’t agree on faith.

This translates into a family with no direction.

It’s more about following your own set of rules. Eventually, your family becomes a moral vacuum. Your child has no moral compass so he does what feels good to him at the time. Without values, your child has nothing to stop him from making his life and yours a living hell.

Kids are too young to create a moral code that is even remotely sustainable long term. They do not have the wisdom of living to see where certain choices end up years down the road.

Why is faith important? Your family legacy will be one of heartache. You will wonder what happened, and where you went wrong because your child is in one mess after another.

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why is faith important

4. Why believe in God?

Believing in God is the best choice for you and your spouse. Coming to this point in your marriage is not easy.

Usually, we try everything else before we humble ourselves before God and give up striving. It doesn’t feel natural to put our hands down.

Yet, this is what he asks. He wants us to give our life over to Him so He can transform us into His image.

This translates into healthy parenting. It’s about lovingly instilling biblical morals and values in your children to create a home with God in the center. This philosophy creates a deep relationship between family members, forgiveness, and an overall feeling of security.

This doesn’t mean kids don’t rebel, sometimes they still do. But parents who stay the course and love their child through it find many times he comes back. It is the love of God that draws him back.

Once your child has a taste of the real thing, the counterfeit doesn’t satisfy any longer.

Why is faith important? If you follow Jesus, your family legacy will be one of healthy relationships built on something greater than you. You will pass down a heart of forgiveness that flows freely through your family system. Most of all, grace will abound. 

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Faith Topics For Discussion

Here are faith topics for discussion with your spouse:

  1. Start a conversation with your spouse about how you were raised and the long term effects it had on your family of origin. You may have a hybrid of several ideas about faith going on at the same time.
  2. Talk about what worked in your family of origin and what didn’t.
  3. Decide together what you want your family to look like. You can even create a mission statement to help you stay on track. This will help you agree on faith.
  4. Have regular check-ups (conversations) about the direction of your family. It is easy to get off course when you get busy. Warning: things slip in slowly over time.
  5. When you see you are off course–stop, evaluate, and re-direct your family. You may even need to adjust your mission statement over time to fit your growth in faith.

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Why Is Faith Important In Marriage?

Why is faith important in your marriage? It is important for you and your spouse to agree on faith so you stay on the same page. It is even more important to pass down a legacy of faith in God to your kids.

It is the only parenting style that is sustainable long term. When your family is centered on God, it is rooted in love and relationship. Moreover, love never fails.

Dr. Dobson gives some great wisdom on how to pass down your faith. You can see the loving relationship between he and Ryan. Ryan wasn’t perfect, but he circled back because of love.

Do you think God is more of a bellhop, a mean old man, doesn’t exist, or Lord? Has your philosophy spilled over into your family and parenting style? Is it working? Do you need to re-adjust?

Why is faith important in your marriage?


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  1. I used to think of God as Someone who was just waaaay too busy for me and my issues. But getting to know and understand how me cares for me and loves me intimately has also helped me show our children the type of God He really is.

  2. So very important! Thank you for sharing this beautiful article! I am still continually working on leaning not on my own understanding and I love the reminder here that we must approach God together!

  3. This is a wonderful message and on a topic that can be hard to approach with children. Our children learn so much from watching and listening to us, we have to be a guide for them. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wonderful you are writing about this. Parents have to set the example always for our children and their future grandchildren.

  5. Definitely a topic that spouses should consider just as important as intimacy and money. Those are issues that can make or break a marriage – or make for an amazing one! So glad that you touched up on this important subject.

  6. You offer some great challenges today! Thanks for writing about such an important topic. Our children need us to go to the Lord searching for His guidance as we teach them. And it starts with turning over our failings to Him so that He can work through our brokenness.

  7. You are right. We cant expect things from our children that we ourselves are not living out. Thank you. Powerful message

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