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Julie is a wife, mother, teacher, author, and blogger. Before she married, she taught speech, drama, and English for three years in the Richardson Independent School District. After she married, she stayed home with her two children.

Julie has volunteered for many years locally and in South Texas doing VBS, food distribution, and door-to-door witnessing. Now that her children are grown, she is a substitute teacher for a private school in Dallas, works intermittently for her husband, and speaks about her book Estranged.

In 2008, Julie was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease (Crohn’s disease). Due to the seriousness of her illness, she decided to leave her family of origin because the relationship with her parents was causing physical, mental, and emotional stress. But this was not just any estrangement as both of her parents had been in full-time ministry for many years. Her father the associate pastor of two megachurches in Dallas. 

After seven years of no contact, Julie felt God calling her back to her family but didn’t know how to return. Every bridge had been burned with no hope of reconciliation. It was then Julie prayed and fasted. Through divine intervention, the relationship was mended. Now that Julie has reunited with her family, she wishes to bring hope to those who may feel alone or have shame about their family problems or estrangement.

When Julie is not talking about forgiveness, she is sharing helpful tips on her blog about family, parenting, marriage, and faith. Julie lives with her husband of 26 years in Dallas, Texas. 

You can check out her book Estranged: Finding Hope When Your Family Falls Apart on Amazon or any other digital platform. Her blog is momremade.comand her Facebook group is called Christian Family Living. Check out this blog post. It gives a preview of her book

New Book

Estranged: Finding Hope When Your Family Falls Apart is here! You can find it on Amazon as an ebook or in paperback. I would love for you to leave a review when you are done reading it. A review will help other people hear about hope and healing for their families too.


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Continue the conversation on Facebook and join the group Christian Family Living. This is a place for moms with preschool-age kids or older to talk about their struggles with parenting, family life, education, or marriage. You will find biblically-based advice from other moms who want to raise godly kids.

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