7 Time Saving Morning Routine Tips for Busy Moms

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Do you have a morning routine? Over the years, I have developed a system to get things done in the morning, and it has worked incredibly well for me. I found if I get my chores done, the rest of the day is mine.

If you work outside of the home, you can adapt this routine to fit your schedule. Perhaps do half in the morning and half in the evening. Whatever works best.

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Slippers, coffee, glasses, and food on a table. 7 Time Saving Morning Routine Tips for Busy Moms

The biggest thing to remember is not to let things stack up on you. Your motto needs to be, “Deal with it now.”

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7  Time Saving Tips For the Best Morning Routine

1. Have a quiet time.

Start your morning routine with a quiet time. For instance, listen to the Bible while you are still in bed. It will give you a chance to wake up and hear positive words before you start the day.

Or quietly pray/meditate on what you are doing that day. Sometimes I work on my BSF homework. I like to mix it up a bit. Furthermore, it doesn’t hurt to add a cup of tea or coffee while you are gathering your witts.

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2. Walk through the house and clean up each room.

Go room by room every morning and deal with any messes. Pick up trash, put blankets up, put toys back, and straighten pillows. Popsicle stick and gum wad stuck together in a potted plant.(One time I found chewing gum and a popsicle stick in my potted plant. Does this just happen at my house?)  Make sure you have the kids help you clean up their part of the mess. Anything that doesn’t belong in the room, pile it up at the doorway.

When you are done cleaning that room,  ask your child to deliver it to its proper place. If you get distracted by something (kids),  get right back to that room and finish it ASAP.

Don’t forget to unload the dishwasher as part of your clean up routine.  And do any dishes left in the sink. This is a must to keep the kitchen clean. Don’t wait to do it later!

3. Do the laundry.  

Do you have a hard time doing laundry as part of your morning routine? It is important to start it, fold it, deliver it, and put it away in the same day. Your kids can help!  This way it never piles up in the laundry room or sits in a basket wrinkling. 

4. Start dinner in the morning.

Defrost, cut, chop, or put in a Crock-Pot. I struggle with this one, but I am so happy when I do it. Get everything done so you only have to heat it up at dinner.

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5. Make lists and work on them as time permits.

Start with the grocery list, then work on a to-do list for the day, and, finally, a list of errands that need to be done. Do lists in the house and then make plans to run errands outside the house. 

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6. Deal with the mail daily.

Don’t drop it on the counter! Deal with it immediately. If you go through the mail right away there will never be a pile of paper sitting on your kitchen counter waiting to get cleaned up. If you don’t have time to deal with something now, then you probably don’t have time to deal with it again later. 

7. Exercise

Walk, run, do aerobics, swim, etc. Whatever it is, find your jam. Thankfully, I have a treadmill and stationary bike at my house so it is quick and easy to get 30 minutes in every other day.

Need Extra Help?

Hire a momma’s helper.

Hire a young person who can play with your kids for a couple of hours while you are at home. Usually, you can pay a pre-teen half of what a babysitter would charge since you are not leaving. Or pay your older child, cousin, or neighbor to help younger kids.

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Trade Kids (Not Permanently)

Trade out your kids with a friend. (I know you are thinking permanently, but that may not be legal in most states.) This was always a nice break. You can run your errands, and your kids will have two play dates in one week. One at your house and one at your friend’s house.

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A Morning Routine Keeps You Organized

Get organized with a morning routine. And don’t procrastinate. Deal with things now. It will save time later. This will keep the laundry, dishes, mail, and toys from piling up on you. Most of all, you will feel better about yourself and your home.

This routine has certainly has helped me to get organized. (Or appear organized.) I bet it will help you too. You may even impress your mother-in-law!

What morning routine do you have? Share below. 

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